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Writeability helps businesses of all sizes create more impact using the written word. We do this by offering a range of copywriting and editing services.

  • We simplify jargon, ghost-write thought pieces, and research and write white papers.
  • We have written speeches for CEOs, sensitive merger comms, websites for small businesses, profile-building LinkedIn articles, and newsletters.
  • We can even help you with producing the perfect submission to win industry awards.  

Our writers are scattered around the world. We make use of different time zones and can process urgent work overnight.

Writeability has extensive global experience and we’re creative as well as constructive; a powerful combination.


We think local and act global.

Writeability can support your business with our network of professional communicators and copywriters. We all have global experience as well as local knowledge.

As we’re a virtual team, our writers are scattered around the globe: in Australia, the UK and Austria. We make use of the different time zones and can turnaround urgent work overnight.

Leanne Mills is your first point of contact. She will explain our services in detail and then discuss your particular communication challenge.

If you decide to engage us, Leanne will work with you to define the scope of work and will engage one or more team members to get involved, depending upon the expertise required. 

Writeability | copywriting and editing | Leanne Mills

Client Testimonials 

I thoroughly enjoy working with Leanne. She is incredibly professional, reliable, organised and is a communication expert through-and-through.

This year, with a merger on our horizon, I was grateful to be able to reach out to Leanne for extra communication support. Always easy to brief, she quickly picks up on the issues and priorities, then delivers quality content, fast. I find Leanne to be a breath of fresh air when she is around, and has been a valued and respected member of the team.

Working with me on the merger announcement comms, Leanne was in a different time zone living in Europe, whilst I was in Perth. This actually worked brilliantly in our favour. I often joked that she was my ‘communication fairy’! I’d work late at night, hand over to Leanne and after a good night’s sleep, I’d wake up to find Leanne’s reviews and comms had been completed. I highly recommend this strategy to anyone! And I think it honestly helped me sleep better.

Leanne pays attention to the brief and can adapt her communication style quickly and easily to suit any audience. Over the years that I have worked with Leanne, she has successfully written communication for superannuation members, investment audiences, merger comms, Chairman’s messages for Annual Reports, speeches, award submissions and can honestly turn anything into something the audience will read. I highly recommend Leanne and will work with her anytime I can.

Dee Faulkner

Head of Corporate Communications, WA Super

I’ve relied on Leanne’s copywriting and editing services over a period of years and she has never failed to deliver, always going above and beyond my expectations. She has high attention to detail and can produce results in incredibly short timeframes. She takes the time to thoroughly understand who I’m trying to reach with my client communications, and provides carefully considered editing suggestions which always improves the quality of the content. I’ve come to value her honest and constructive feedback and rely on her expert editorial eye. If you’re looking for someone you can trust, who will partner with you to produce effective marketing communications for your business, then look no further than Leanne!

Sheila Wherry

Executive Coach, EI Executive

Writeability has helped GESB to communicate complex wealth management and investment information to members in a simple but expert and efficient way. The quality of communication materials from Writeability, along with effortless implementation, is impressive. Leanne Mills listens to stakeholders and is highly collaborative with all parties. I am delighted to recommend Writeability to work with you in developing and delivering improved communications.


State Government Super Fund

Leanne Mills and her team at Writeability partnered with us at a critical moment during an important tender process. Their work was timely, precise and persuasive. Leanne exceeded all of our (high) expectations in every way. We are delighted to have worked with her and would recommend her strongly and without reservation to anyone seeking professional copywriting and business communication support.

Debbie Flynn

Managing Director, Futuris Health

In an editing project of 20 hours, Leanne Mills and Writeability helped us revise the flow of our lengthy document, The Definitive Guide to Working in Australia’s Mining Industry, and put things in a logical order. Leanne and Justine identified gaps in the information, created new content, edited our words and generally guided us to a better way of presenting some of the issues and topics. It was a positive experience and I’d certainly want to work with Writeability again.

David Anderson

Owner, centraltraining.com.au

Leanne is a careful and creative writer and editor, with an eye for detail and a professional approach. Leanne has the terrific ability to draw on her extensive experience to provide thoughtful observations along with her opinion. She has provided me with great service across a number of areas such as brochures, flyers, proposals, program materials and formal letters. I would highly recommend Leanne.

Shirley Anne Fortina

Principal, POD Consultancy

Working with Writeability has been a pleasure. As the Group Editor for Alef International – a Riyadh-based communications consultancy – I have collaborated with Leanne Mills on a number of projects, all of which have benefited from her input.

  • As a freelance contributor to Saudi Voyager Magazine, Leanne has contributed a number of lifestyle features, which have been witty, engaging and creative, and have generated very positive feedback from readers and tourism professionals.
  • As a team member working on Alef corporate writing projects, Leanne has demonstrated an incisive grasp of clients’ messaging, illustrating her adaptability and breadth of writing styles – as well as exemplary client handling and project management discipline.
  • And as a consultant working on Alef’s own brand positioning and change management, Leanne has shown an enviable clarity in her business thinking and carefully-considered proposals, all of which continue to be of long-standing benefit to our internal processes and business development teams.
Nick Cash

Group Editor, Alef International

What a great accomplishment and feather in your cap. Its powerfully written and beautifully done. Congratulations on a job well done and I am personally very happy to have been a small part in the contribution. I look forward to any future endeavors with you.

Gary de Rodriguez

Global CEO of People Rich Pty

It is exceptional – I was even caught up reading it today….the writing style is awesome. Your book is now a feature on our office bookcase! It was an absolute pleasure working with you and any time we ever have the chance again to do an assignment together – happy to do so.

Todd Hutchison

Chief Executive (Asia Pacific), The Corporate Mechanic


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