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It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Leanne during her time with BASS, and we highly value the experience she was able to bring to our marketing and communication project.

In the first instance, she helped us create a brief through questioning and open discussions in order to work out what we actually needed. This was followed by extensive research that allowed us to understand more about the market, our clients and more importantly, our clients' needs.

Leanne was then able to create a structured campaign template and guide us through the process of building the content. Her communication style engendered a creative and collaborative climate within the directors group, which proved hugely productive.

Leanne was highly-motivated to work independently as well as engaging as part of our team. Her professional knowledge and expertise continues to shape our current and future campaigns and, on a personal level, it was a valuable and enjoyable experience.
Becci Malthouse, Director, British Alpine Ski School

"Now that we have got through that intense application, I wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help and your incredible way with words. I could not have done this application without you and your expertise. Your ability to bring words to the heart of my work with female offenders is truly genius. I think you are one gifted person who has a lot to offer and I, for one, am extremely grateful for you!"
Jade Lewis, Founder of Jade Lewis & Friends 
(Application for Telstra Business Woman of the Year)

Leanne Mills at Writeability has edited our Annual Report for the last 3 years and we're extremely happy with the speed and the quality of the editing service we have received. 
We provide documents which are collectively written by staff in different divisions and departments. Leanne returns to us edited text that clearly communicates with one consistent 'Rise voice'. 
Leanne has taken the time to understand our service and feel our passion for those we serve. As a result, her detailed editing and remarks have repeatedly added immense value to the quality of our published annual report. We highly recommend her editing services.
Penny Webb, Divisional Manager for Mental Health & Youth; Brand Consultant, Rise

As Chairman of the American Business Group of Riyadh (ABGR) I had the privilege of working with Leanne Mills during the past year in her role as ABGR Editor. 

Leanne has demonstrated exceptional professionalism, leveraging strong communications abilities and very good interpersonal skills, to integrate seamlessly with the ABGR Board of Directors and operations teams. She significantly enhanced the quality of our newsletter’s content and form, and worked effectively with our website designer to improve the look and functionality of our site. She also took on the significant task of helping us produce the first annual report we’ve ever published, providing clear and detailed recommendations about format and content, together with very effective and insightful editing of all contributed articles. 

In summary, Leanne Mills made a very strong contribution to ABGR during her short tenure with us as editor, working proactively with minimal guidance to produce quality communications documents that have broadly enhanced the image of ABGR among our constituents.
Thomas F. Walter, Chairman, CEO & President of ExxonMobil Saudi Arabia

Working with Writeability has been a pleasure. As the Group Editor for Alef International – a Riyadh-based communications consultancy – I have collaborated with Leanne Mills on a number of projects, all of which have benefited from her input.

As a freelance contributor to Saudi Voyager Magazine, Leanne has contributed a number of lifestyle features, which have been witty, engaging and creative, and have generated very positive feedback from readers and tourism professionals.

As a team member working on Alef corporate writing projects, Leanne has demonstrated an incisive grasp of clients’ messaging, illustrating her adaptability and breadth of writing styles – as well as exemplary client handling and project management discipline.

And as a consultant working on Alef’s own brand positioning and change management, Leanne has shown an enviable clarity in her business thinking and carefully-considered proposals, all of which continue to be of long-standing benefit to our internal processes and business development teams.
Nick Cash, Group Editor, Alef International

Writeability has helped GESB to communicate complex wealth management and investment information to members in a simple but expert and efficient way. The quality of communication materials from Writeability, along with effortless implementation, is impressive. Leanne Mills listens to stakeholders and is highly collaborative with all parties. I am delighted to recommend Writeability to work with you in developing and delivering improved communications.
CEO, State Government Super Fund

Leanne Mills and her team at Writeability partnered with us at a critical moment during an important tender process. Their work was timely, precise and persuasive. Leanne exceeded all of our (high) expectations in every way. We are delighted to have worked with her and would recommend her strongly and without reservation to anyone seeking professional copywriting and business communication support.
Debbie Flynn, Managing Director, Futuris Health

Leanne is a careful and creative writer and editor, with an eye for detail and a professional approach. Leanne has the terrific ability to draw on her extensive experience to provide thoughtful observations along with her opinion. She has provided me with great service across a number of areas such as brochures, flyers, proposals, program materials and formal letters. I would highly recommend Leanne.
Shirley Anne Fortina, Principal, POD Consultancy

In an editing project of 20 hours, Leanne Mills and Writeability helped us revise the flow of our lengthy document, The Definitive Guide to Working in Australia’s Mining Industry, and put things in a logical order. Leanne and Justine identified gaps in the information, created new content, edited our words and generally guided us to a better way of presenting some of the issues and topics. It was a positive experience and I'd certainly want to work with Writeability again.
David Anderson, Owner,

I have had the pleasure of working with Leanne on a number of projects over the past three years. Leanne is able to effectively blend keen analytical skills with a broad financial services understanding and well-honed writing skills. Her approach to every project has been meticulous; methodically researching the wider need and environment before carefully constructing communications that cater to the specific requirements of the relevant issues or stakeholder. Superannuation is an industry that struggles to deal with jargon and in developing a series of handbooks to assist members comprehension, Leanne took a proactive approach to understand the industry and make communications relevant for the consumer. My team benefited from access to a very valuable project and copy writing resource. I have no hesitation in recommending Leanne to others who need to address challenging assignments.
Head of Product & Marketing Communications, State Government Super Fund

We recently engaged Writeability for a challenging assignment. Much of the project involved researching, exploring, analyzing and documenting our 23-year history from a number of angles including technical elements of our investment story, our advisory story, capturing our competitive advantage and the evolution of our business model, and articulating our brand story. This was far more than a writing project. We have been very happy with the work completed and the manner in which Writeability conducted the project. A job well done!
Head of Strategic Projects, Plan B Wealth Management

Leanne Mills has greatly assisted GESB with its ability to communicate complex investment themes to members in a comprehensible manner. Effective coordination of internal and external stakeholders to achieve concise, timely and quality communications has been the signature of Writeability's approach. I have no hesitation in recommending Writeability to help achieve improved communication outcomes.
Senior Investment Strategist, State Government Super Fund

It was a real pleasure to work with Writeability in the development of LivePower's new website. The whole process was new to me, but Leanne Mills was easy to work with and never held back in assisting me when I needed to provide something and didn't know how. The value proposition exercise has really left its mark: I think I apply 'so what' to everything that I write. I look forward to working with Writeability again on future projects as LivePower continues to develop.
Annette Findlay, Business Development Manager, LivePower

"Leanne – this new Member Update is probably the best piece of communication that I can ever remember GESB publishing. It's just what we need as it reassures our members and highlights to the reader the benefits of our expertise. Congratulations and well done!"
Steve Scott, Key Account Manager, GESB

About Leanne's published work "Strategic Internal Communications...":
What a great accomplishment and feather in your cap. Its powerfully written and beautifully done. Congratulations on a job well done and I am personally very happy to have been a small part in the contribution. I look forward to any future endeavors with you.
Gary de Rodriguez, Global CEO of People Rich Pty

It is exceptional - I was even caught up reading it today....the writing style is awesome. Your book is now a feature on our office bookcase! It was an absolute pleasure working with you and any time we ever have the chance again to do an assignment together - happy to do so.
Todd Hutchison, Chief Executive (Asia Pacific), The Corporate Mechanic

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