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26 May 2015
Motorhome living. It's not for everyone. But from the comments and FB likes I've received since announcing that I'm going to tour Europe in a campervan just like this one below, it seems many people in my life have the urge or the itch to get out onto the open road too.

The Carthago Chic C-Line 4.9T

We've sunk our savings into this moving home on wheels and we've already spent 3 very comfortable nights sleeping in the back area that you see above. The ventilation is good. Efficient sound-proofing means we're not disturbed by cat fights or fireside drunks. And the pull-down shades block out any light from the street or the moon. Utterly perfect so far.

It is a beast of a size to drive and so far I've not volunteered. Hubby has been duty driver but it does seem to handle well on the mountain roads, admirably hugging bends and windy bits in the French Alps around Morzine which is where we're staying until early July.

The plan is to be 'not-so-grey-nomads' while we're young enough to enjoy the journey. I will continue to work and write and, hopefully, we'll be able to stay true to our financial budget over the course of the rest of the year. Only time will tell, but I intend to tell you about our adventures as they develop.

Until next time...