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26 May 2015
Avid Sunday Times readers (which I was when I lived in the UK) may remember 'This ..... life'; articles written and submitted by ST readers which were published each week in the Art & Literature magazine. I would turn directly to column one of the inside front cover for these missives as I found them inspirational and - eight years later - I'm stealing the title idea for my blog!

'This writing life' has been interesting since leaving Perth in 2012. Two years in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) and six months in Qatar (Doha) before decamping here to the French Alps. Throughout the period, I've managed to keep writing and enjoying the process of producing strings of words; some I'm paid for and some I do for the sheer love of it.

In recent times, I've penned a business tome of 75,000 words and seen it published; I've edited other people's books; and I've completed a creative writing course online with the Australian Writers Center, but I've been wholly unsuccessful at starting my own novel. 

I've also managed to miss two Masterclasses in Adelaide in 2014 and 2015, with the talented and despairingly inspiring Fiona Macintosh, best selling author and thoroughly good egg. She keeps holding me a place and rolling it over each time. But this means I WILL have to turn up in Adelaide with a manuscript and something resembling a story - probably in April 2017. Oh the sheer panic this creates within.

Fiona Macintosh

I feel it's time to write more. And more. And more. But - like most writers - I have a tortured soul and don't mind telling you that I'm terrified of failure. So what to do? Write a blog for a start, I decided. That would keep my hand in and give me inspiration each day, so here I am. And this is it. The start of something exciting, I hope.

Until next time...